AAU/EUS Arab Association of Urology VIRTUAL PRESENTATION – Infrapubic Implant Technique: “The Perito Implant”

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Perito - Remote Dubai

Dr. Perito had the distinct honor of speaking at the 9th Emirates International Urological and 17th Annual Arab Association of Urology Hybrid Conference! The conference was attended virtually and in person by urologists and healthcare providers hailing from Dubai, UAE. Dr. Perito gave his presentation about the use of his world-famous technique, The Perito Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Technique.  Most surgeons around the world still utilize the original peno-scrotal technique, but Dr. Perito definitely converted a few attendees’ minds.

SMSNA VIRTUAL LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: “Discussion of Proper Reservoir Placement and when to use a “narrow” Cylinder. It’s not a bad thing!”

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, penile implant

Dr. Perito had the honor of speaking at the 2020 SMSNA VIRTUAL LUNCH SYMPOSIUM. He presented his research and led a discussion in Proper Reservoir Placement and when to use a “narrow” Cylinder.  There are stigma surrounding the nuances of using a narrow cylinder, and Dr. Perito was here to say that its use is not a bad thing!


SMSNA VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: “Evaluation and Treatment of Complication of Penuma Penile Implant”

Dr. Paul Peritopenile implant

The 21ST ANNUAL FALL SCIENTIFIC MEETING OF SMSNA was one for the history books. It was the first all virtual meeting in the history of the SMSNA. The Team at Perito Urology was pleased to participate in this year’s abstract submission. Dr. Akash Kapadia along with Dr. Perito gave a podium presentation of their abstract entitled “Evaluation and Treatment of Complications of Penuma Penile Implant.” The Penuma is a controversial subcutaneous silicone penile implant and our presentation depicts the diagnosis and treatment of complications following implant placement. 

Evaluation and Treatment of Complications of Penuma Penile Implant (#150)

Speaker: Akash Kapadia

Perito Urology has announced a new partnership with Mexico City-based urologist Dr. Bernardo Cisneros.

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Drs. Paul Perito and Bernardo Cisneros have announced a new partnership between their respective urological practices, Perito Urology and Urologia Multidisciplinaria. By more closely integrating their practices, both will be able to accommodate a higher capacity of surgical patients and expand the availability of prosthetic urology, especially to Spanish-speaking populations in the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

“Bernardo is a close friend and colleague, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of bringing our combined experience to more patients,” said Dr. Perito.

The two surgeons have been long-time collaborators and have pioneered a wide range of surgical procedures, both in practice and for medical research.

“We’re working more closely together, but our primary focus will remain consistent: providing surgical treatment for sexual dysfunction and other urological diagnoses with care, compassion, and expertise,” said Dr. Cisneros. 

Dr. Cisneros may be contacted through Perito Urology’s Spanish language site.

Perito Urology Manuscript Accepted for Publication

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, IPP Technique, penile implant

Dr. Perito and the team at Perito Urology proudly announce the publication of a new manuscript which has been accepted for print. Dr. Perito along with a strong team of collaborators headed by Dr. Steve Wilson, Dr. Sung Hun Park, and Dr. John Mulcahy. were able to mine their extensive database and bring novel ideas to the forefront of modern urology. Collaboration allows us to work together to better the patient experience and allow current urologists in the field to learn from our collective observations. The following manuscripts have been accepted for publication:

IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal:

“Unexpected Nuances of the Penoscrotal Inflatable Penile Prosthesis” by Steven Wilson, Paul Perito, Sung Hun Park, and John Mulcahy

SMSNA Webinar July 14

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, erectile dysfunction


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit our ability to attend medical conferences, Dr. Perito continues to collaborate with other great urologists in the field via webinars and zoom meetings. On July 14, 2020, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) hosted a panel of experts to discuss “Adjunct Procedures at the Time of Penile Implant Surgery.” This webinar was organized by the Surgical Committee of the SMSNA. The use of adjunct procedures at the time of penile implant surgery can be of real benefit to the implanting surgeon and their patient. Penile curvature, penoscrotal webbing, and orgasm associated urinary incontinence (climacturia) are not uncommon complaints in the man undergoing a penile implant. In this webinar, SMSNA members Rafael Carrion, Brian Christine, Wayne Hellstrom and Paul Perito will provide insight and instruction as to how they address these issues at the time of penile implant surgery. Topics for discussion included:

  • Plication and/or Grafting to Address Penile Curvature at the Time of IPP: Wayne J.G. Hellstrom, MD
  • Ventral Phalloplasty to Address Scrotal Webbing at the Time of IPP: Rafael E. Carrion, MD
  • Internal Plaque Incision/Fracture to Address Penile Curvature at the Time of IPP: Paul Perito, MD, FACS
  • Mini Jupette Sling to Address Climacturia at the Time of IPP: Brian S. Christine, MD

SMSNA Adjunct

Meet Dr. Perito of Coral Gables Hospital

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This summer, Dr. Perito was fortunate enough to have been interviewed by communitynewspapers.com about his tenured career at Coral Gables Hospital. The interview gives a great inside look to how Dr. Perito began his career and how he was able to build his practice alongside the team of Perito Urology, which some have been members of the practice for over 22 years. Dr. Perito is humbled and grateful that his story is being shared across this platform.
Read the article here.