2021 Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons’ Cadaver Resident Training Lab

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This year’s Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons’ (SUPS) surgical skills lab took place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Established as an independent organization of urological health care professionals concerned with the surgical practice of prosthetic surgery in the areas of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, the Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons strives to educate patients, primary care physicians, and non-implanting urologists about the benefits of prosthetic solutions for both erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

Dr. Perito was joined by Dr. Suarez-Sarmiento, Dr. Aram Loeb, and several others helping teach residents the nuances of his renowned Perito Minimally Invasive Infrapubic technique for Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. We would like to send a thank you to our SUPS/SMSNA Surgical Lab faculty members for making this year’s lab another great success!


Dr. Perito Attends the 2021 Sexual Medicine Society of North America Conference

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, IPP Technique


Dr. Perito and the team from Perito Urology traveled to Scottsdale, AZ to partake in the first live Urology Conference since 2019.

This year’s Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) Conference was a great opportunity to see old colleagues and the new talent of Urology residents that have joined the society and had their first opportunity to present their research.

This year Dr. Suarez-Sarmiento, Jr. gave three of his presentations in front of several of the top implanters in the field. His first presentation was Ethnic Disparities in Penile Prosthesis Surgery: An Analysis of Hispanic Patients. This abstract tackles the differences in impotence disease progression in Hispanic men, as well as treatment options and satisfaction rates following Implant surgery.

Hispanics represent the fastest growing minority population in the United States and understanding how this population of patients respond to current treatment modalities can help us better serve them as physicians. The second presentation, Expedited Algorithm for IPP following Radical Prostatectomy, is a presentation that was preempted by Dr. Perito’s own presentation, Updates on Penile Prosthesis Surgery Session: Prostatectomy to IPP Placement, A Novel Algorithm.

Drs. Suarez-Sarmiento and Perito really hit their point home that patients who undergo radical prostatectomy due to prostate cancer should be screened sooner for erectile dysfunction than the 2-year waiting period most urologists recommend. Our studies concluded that the longer patients wait to address their ED can have negative effects on penile length and patient psyche.

The final presentation given by Dr. Suarez-Sarmiento, Proper Circumferential Sizing of Penile Implants, was a study of over 1,300 patients, and described what measures can be taken to properly size a patient’s implant to minimize pain and improve satisfaction rates.

Scientific presentations allow for fellow physicians and those who work in the healthcare industry to further educate them of emerging trends and technologies that improve patient safety. Perito Urology would like to thank the SMSNA committee for putting on such a fun and informative event this year, Scottsdale was a hit!

Dr. Perito Wins Miami Cosmetic Surgery Maverick Award for UroFill™ Patented Technique for Penile Girth Enhancement

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The team at Perito Urology are proud to announce that Dr. Perito was the recipient of the 2021 Miami Cosmetic Surgery Maverick Award, sponsored by Allergan, for his innovative work creating the UroFill™ Patented Technique for Penile Girth Enhancement. This award was presented at the 2021 Miami Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference and is given to recipients who demonstrate progressive and innovative ideas that will have lasting impact on medical aesthetics. Dr. Perito has dedicated over 8 years developing and practicing his patented technique for penile girth enhancement.  The UroFill™ patented technique is based on similar tissue enhancement techniques used on the lips, face, neck or other sensitive areas of the body. The UroFill™ technique is unique in its delivery of the material and its adaptation to the penis. With over eight years of clinical review, UroFill™ has developed the appropriate technique to safely enhance penile girth.

Dr. Perito Maverick

Perito Urology Announces Publication of Manuscript in International Journal of Impotence Research

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Dr. Perito and the team at Perito Urology proudly announce the publication of a new manuscript which is now available in print format in the International Journal of Impotence Research. The Nuances of Infrapubic Incision for Inflatable Penile Prosthesis is a follow up study to the previous printed manuscript “Unexpected Nuances of the Penoscrotal Inflatable Penile Prosthesis.”

Dr. Perito along with a strong team of collaborators headed by Dr. John Mulcahy and other great collaborators have brought this important study to light, to help educate current and future implanters. Nuances and lessons learned along the way, from some of the top implanters in the world helped this manuscript come together.