Dr. Bernardo Cisneros

Doctors Bernardo Cisneros and Paul Perito met approximately 10 years ago at a training program in Miami. Dr. Cisneros is a fellowship trained expert in men’s health and is a senior member of the leading urologic practice in Mexico:  Urologia Multidisciplinaria.

“I have trained over 600 urologists during my teaching career and I found Bernardo‘s professional and technical skills to be exemplary thus piquing my interest in working with him in his native country of Mexico”, said Dr. Perito. “Dr. Cisneros fellowship experience at Baylor has made him uniquely qualified to be a comprehensive provider for all men’s health needs” Dr Perito added.

Ten years later, Doctors Cisneros and Perito have performed at least 100 implants together recently setting a same day record for penile implants in Mexico. Not surprisingly, Dr. Cisneros was in Miami when they set the World record for 21 penile implants in one day.

The partnership between Dr. Cisneros’s practice and Perito Urology has allowed patients the opportunity to receive the highest standard of care in Mexico in Miami alike.

“I believe the galvanizing event for my partnership with Bernardo occurred when he and his Wife became Godparents to our twins! When you trust somebody with Savage twins you know you can trust them with patients.”

Below you will find Dr. Cisneros’s CV and Perito urology will corroborate Dr. Cisneros’s level of expertise. Dr. Cisneros’s practice, Urologia Multidisciplinaria, and Perito Urology offer complete packages for patients desiring surgical intervention for erectile dysfunction. Now patients can, without hesitation, undergo a penile implant in Mexico or The United States with the confidence that they will be receiving world-class care and postoperative attention.

Dr. Bernardo Cisneros CV

(52) 5536039720

Hospital ABC Santa Fe
Av. Carlos Graef Fernández 154, Consult. 403,
Col.Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, 05300, CDMX.
Hospital Angeles Lomas
Av Vialidad de la Barranca #240 Col. Hacienda de las Palmas, CP 52763
Huixquilucan Estado de México

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