Enhancing Expertise: Dr. Paul Perito Hosts Prosthetic Surgical Skills Workshop in Miami

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Perito Urology hosted a Fellows Prosthetic Surgical Skills Workshop in Miami, FL on February 16-17, 2024.  The event was kicked off at Perito Urology to showcase a successful Men’s Health office in private practice and the journey of becoming a thriving prosthetic implanter.  There were 30 Residents and Fellows in attendance. It was an amazing evening on the Perito Urology balcony for dinner welcoming the next generation into the urological space as Prosthetic Surgeons.

Dr. Paul Perito‘s workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange and hands-on training, empowering participants with the skills and confidence needed to excel in urologic procedures related to penile prosthetics and girth enhancement. By providing a blend of theoretical insights and practical demonstrations, attendees gained invaluable insights into surgical techniques, post-operative care protocols and the means to become a successful urologic surgeon.

The following day, a didactic session covering IPP approaches, reservoir techniques, case study discussions, and troubleshooting difficult cases was held.  The second half of the event on this day was a cadaver lab with a one-on-one experience between fellows and the faculty at each station.

Urologic surgery, particularly involving penile prosthetics and UroFill™ penile girth enhancement, presents unique challenges that demand specialized expertise. Dr. Perito‘s workshop meticulously addressed these complexities, offering attendees a deep understanding of anatomy, surgical approaches, and device selection considerations. By fostering an environment of collaboration and learning, participants were equipped to navigate intricate surgical scenarios with precision and proficiency.

Dr. Paul Perito‘s Prosthetic Surgical Skills Workshop in Miami stands as a testament to the transformative power of specialized education and collaborative learning in urology. By equipping residents and fellows with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in penile prosthetic surgery, the workshop paves the way for enhanced patient care and continued innovation in the field. As participants return to their practices armed with newfound expertise, the ripple effects of this educational endeavor are poised to resonate throughout the realm of urologic surgery, ultimately benefiting patients and practitioners alike.

Advancements in Non-Surgical Penile Girth Enhancement: Dr. Paul Perito and UroFill™ Granted European Patent

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In a groundbreaking development, world-renowned urologist Dr. Paul Perito (Miami, FL) and the UroFill™ penile girth enhancement technique have recently been awarded a patent by the European Patents Office for their innovative approach to non-surgical penile girth enhancement. This recognition underscores the significant strides being made in the field of men’s health, offering a promising alternative for those seeking enhanced self-confidence and satisfaction.

Dr. Perito, a pioneer in the field of urology, has long been committed to advancing less invasive and more patient-friendly solutions. The UroFill™ penile girth enhancement procedure represents a departure from traditional surgical methods, providing a non-surgical alternative that has garnered attention for its efficacy and safety over ten years.

The newly granted European patent serves as a testament to the unique and inventive nature of Dr. Perito’s approach. This recognition not only reaffirms the credibility of his work on the only reproducible technique for penile girth enhancement but also positions the UroFill™ technique as a leader in non-surgical penile girth enhancement on a global scale.

The acknowledgment by the European Patents Office adds a layer of legitimacy to the technique, opening doors for wider adoption and acceptance within the medical community worldwide. This not only recognizes the merit of the UroFill™ penile girth enhancement but also signifies a positive step towards revolutionizing the landscape of non-surgical approaches to men’s sexual health by board-certified urologists.

Is Your Med Spa Truly Medical?

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Med Spa

As the medical spa treatment industry continues to grow, so too do the complications associated with treatments performed by non-medical professionals. 

As highlighted in a recent article in NBC news and recent FDA warnings, the health risks associated with having procedures, especially injections, performed at “med spas” are staggering, including infections, health complications, and even death

The cases provided in the news are a first-year medical student’s checklist of what not to do: unsterilized equipment, unsanitary conditions, and the administering of potentially life-threatening treatments without the supervision of a medical professional. Due to a lack of oversight, it’s often all too easy for shady businesses to represent themselves as healthcare “experts” when they often have the same (or less) qualifications as a standard beautician. 

That’s why it’s important to emphasize the “medical” in medical (or med) spa. Real medical professionals with the appropriate education and training should know how to administer appropriate treatments for aesthetic procedures, and perhaps most importantly, to be able to identify potentially underlying medical conditions.

This need for patient safety is paramount to the UroFill™ technique only being available to board-certified urologic surgeons. Human anatomy in general and the penis in particular is too complicated and too vulnerable to be left in the hands of non-professionals. 

Before undergoing any treatment at a medical spa, ask the following questions:

  • Will a medical professional be performing the procedure?
  • What are their credentials?
  • What research has been done on the procedure? 
  • What are potential complications of the procedure?

If your medical spa provider can’t provide a satisfactory answer to any of the above questions, it’s not worth the risk!


Dr. Perito Featured As One of Miami’s “Most Influential Men”

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Dr. Perito and his partnership with urologic perfume EXVIN was featured in Imagen Miami magazine’s list of the most influential men in Miami. 

The article, linked below, features Dr. Perito’s world-class penile implant surgical practice, his development of the patented UroFill™ penile girth enhancement technique, and his new partnership with EXVIN, a perfume for the male genital area.

“The popularity of products like EXVIN is due to a growing trend among men to pay attention to their physical appearance and well-being in this specific area,” said Dr. Perito. 

View the full issue here

Drs. Perito and Suarez-Sarmiento Hold Live UroFill™ Virtual Event

Dr. Paul Peritogirth enhancement

UroFill™ Live Event

UroFill™ creator Dr. Paul Perito and Dr. Alfredo Suarez-Sarmiento, Jr. held a live virtual event to answer questions about penile girth enhancement

The event was a great success and provided a forum for people interested in girth enhancement and hyaluronic acid-based treatments to be able to ask questions from the privacy of their own homes. 

Drs. Perito and Suarez-Sarmiento are looking forward to the next opportunity to help answer questions and clear up misconceptions about penile girth enhancement and other procedures.

See the video of the event below:

Drs. Perito and Suarez-Sarmiento Discuss the UroFill™ Technique at SMSNA 2023

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, girth enhancement

Dr. Perito SMSNA

Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) 2023 San Diego, CA: Safety and Efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid Using the Urofill™ Technique For Penile Girth Enhancement 

Dr. Alfredo Suarez-Sarmiento started the SMSNA 2023 meeting Friday Podium Sessions with a retrospective analysis regarding the pioneering use of hyaluronic acid (HA) to achieve penile girth enhancement. Safety and efficacy data stemming from Dr. Suarez-Sarmiento’s work with Dr. Paul Perito were presented.  

The data measured the use of a standardized and reproducible technique (the Urofill™ Technique) to achieve girth enhancement – data that heretofore had not been presented in a urology setting. Dr. Perito refined the Urofill™ technique in 2014 and has presented a growing abundance of clinical data as an honored guest presenter to both aesthetics and cosmetic disciplines, providing the technique with (up to) 10 years of outcomes.  

Dr. Suarez-Sarmiento’s conclusory bullet point asserted that the Urofill™ technique should be in the hands of urologic experts for penile girth enhancement. 

Dr. Perito then committed what some may consider a slight breach of etiquette by recounting an important moment in urologic history: In 1983, Dr. Giles Brindley (a Board Certified urologist), presented his novel data regarding intracavernosal injection therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) at the American Urological Association’s annual convention. Having secretly injected himself just before taking the stage, urologic folklore was made when he dropped his pants and revealed his erection on stage for all to see. 

Several problems arose with how the industry adopted the urologist’s hard work as many opportunistic business entities usurped Dr. Brindley’s work and built “injection clinics” yet were incapable of handling difficult patient anatomy or complications that commonly arise.  

Many of the complications related to injection therapy for ED are life-changing and consistently leave men with permanent concerns.  Dr. Perito asked for a show of hands to reveal how many urologists have repaired “train wrecks” from these non-urologic injection clinics over the last 40 years. Dr. Perito emphasized his concerns to “not allow history to repeat itself in the field of male genital cosmetics.”  

Dr. Perito closed his remarks by reiterating that “board-certified urologists spend 10+ years honing their craft…. Board-certified urologists should rely on our long-standing scientific model of training and ongoing education.  Novices should not train experts and ALL providers should be competent enough to mend any difficult situations, if and when they occur, without consulting a ‘beautician’ or any similarly non-medically trained person[.]”  

Every patient should know that complications can occur with any treatment.  That is why a patient should choose a true Steward of the Penis Professional™.  The SMSNA is firmly committed to comprehensive research and optimal patient care.  The San Diego meeting demonstrates all urologic societies’ desire to maintain excellent outcomes in centers of excellence.  We agree!  

And thankfully, no presenter needed to drop trousers to send home Dr. Perito’s message.  

Dr. Perito SMSNA