Perito Urology Hosts Prosthetic Urology Event

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On Friday, February 3rd, top faculty gathered together at Perito Urology for dinner and drinks to share their prosthetic journey.

In attendance were surgeons from around the country with experience ranging from novice to experienced implanter.

The course continued the next day at M.A.R.C Institute in Doral, FL with 26 fellows and residents in attendance. After an informative didactic session with a panel of top prosthetic urologists, we moved on to a hands-on technical training. Six cadaver lab stations were set up to focus on penoscrotal and infra pubic techniques, reservoir placement, complicated cases, and placement of Virtue male sling.

The course, sponsored by Coloplast, was a complete success for fellows looking to expand their skill sets within prosthetics for men’s health.


Dr. Perito Contributes to Medical Study for New Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, IPP Technique

BJUI International

Dr. Perito co-published a report on the Rigicon Infla10® Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. The article, Initial Safety Outcomes for Rigicon Infla10® Inflatable Penile Prosthesis was co-written by Drs.  Steven K Wilson, Lexiaochuan Wen, Mariano Rossello, Pedro Maria, Rafael Carrion, David Ralph, Gabriele Antonini, Alejandro Carvajal, Metin I Ozturk, and Eric Chung in BJUI international.

See the article here.

Perito Urology Live Streams Implant Under Local Anesthesic to Six Countries

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, IPP Technique, penile implant

At noon, Perito Urology live streamed across six different countries and time zones their Minimally Invasive Penile Implant under local anesthetic. Local anesthesia is truly a game changer for penile implantation and allays the fears many partners have regarding risk to their loved ones. Thirty-eight registrants from Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States shared in the experience and challenged nuances of the case.

For more information about why local anesthesia represents an important advance for penile implants, check out the episode of MTP below:

Shockwave Treatment: Don’t Believe the Hype

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“If something is 95% effective in curing or reversing ED and Peyronie’s and has been available for 20 years, why isn’t the world following this platform?”

Shockwave therapy has been generating a great deal of buzz (no pun intended) as a new and promising treatment for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and girth enhancement. While there’s always a certain level of excitement around a newer type of treatment, where Shockwave is concerned, “new” does not equate to “improved.”

For erectile dysfunction, Shockwave simply isn’t as efficacious as a penile implant procedure (60% according to Shockwave providers), which has a 95% success rate, low complications and can last for years without the need for replacement or adjustment (especially when performed at a dedicated facility). Shockwave therapy also requires 1-2 treatments per week for 6-8 weeks, rather than the one-time procedure of an penile implant placement. In other words, it’s less effective and takes longer to see results. 

As far as Peyronie’s disease is concerned, the science simply isn’t there, either. As medical research has shown, Shockwave therapy can actually cause an increase in transforming growth factor-beta, or TGFB, which can lead to fibrosis in the penile area. In plain English: Shockwave may actually raise your likelihood of Peyronie’s disease by stimulating more fibrosis in the penile tissue. In plainer English: not good.

Peyronie’s can be more effectively treated in milder cases with prescription drugs, and in more severe cases via the penile “scratch” technique to remove plague in conjunction with a penile implant to restore erectile function and hyaluronic injections to restore normal appearance. (See this video for more information on how the three treatments work together.)

As far as penile girth enhancement is concerned, Shockwave therapy theoretically increases blood flow to the penis shaft–it doesn’t actually add girth. While this is perhaps a safer option than highly questionable techniques such as silicon injections, hyaluronic acid filler as performed by a highly trained surgeon in a significantly more efficacious treatment with lower complication rates and higher patient satisfaction overall.

Finally, Shockwave therapy is not FDA-approved and is still considered “investigational” by the American Urological Association. 

We encourage you to do the research and explore your treatment options, but do not recommend Shockwave therapy as a better option than standard, time-tested, effective treatments developed and tested by board-certified urologists. 

Dr. Perito Kicks Off SMSNA / ISSM with Panel on Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, IPP Technique, penile implant, Peyronie's Disease


Dr. Paul Perito was joined by Georgios Hatzichristodoulou to speak at a panel of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) and the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) titled “Panel on Tips and Tricks for IPP in Peyronies: Tough Cases I Have Managed.”

“I would first like to thank the SMSNA and ISSM for inviting academicians, private practice and hybrid Urologists to speak within their forum.  Both Georgisos and I were somewhat shocked to be invited to speak about Peyroines Disease.  I have always quoted one of my mentors, Dr SK Wilson, “If the patient is over 50, put an implant in him!”  The beauty of this meeting is exemplified in our freedom to introduce some new as well as aged techniques related to the assigned topic and I believe, and hope, that it was a success.  Those attending and speaking at the meeting are stewards of the penis.  I listen to them.  It should be noted that one of the speakers, Dr. Gary Alter, addressed the problems with beauticians or non-urologists attempting cosmetic surgery on the male genitalia.  Go Urofill!  Stick with the experts!”

-Dr. Perito  


In Memoriam: Dr. Alfredo Suárez-Sarmiento, Sr.

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We’re saddened to announce the passing of friend, mentor, and father Alfredo Suárez-Sarmiento, Sr.
We’re saddened to announce the passing of friend, mentor, and father Alfredo Suárez-Sarmiento, Sr.
Dr. Suárez-Sarmiento was a pioneer in the field of urology and penile implants and dedicated his life to furthering the treatment of erectile dysfunction. His passion, brilliance, and commitment to his craft and his family are unsurpassed and he will be deeply missed.
Services to celebrate his life will be held November 9, 2022 at 1 p.m. at St. Augustine Catholic Church.
Drs. Paul Perito, Alfredo Suárez-Sarmiento Jr. and the Perito Urology family will strive to carry on his legacy and his cherished memory.
Alfredo Suárez-Sarmiento, Sr.