Dr. Perito Recognized as a Reviewer of the Journal of Sexual Medicine

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On behalf of the JSM editors, Dr. Perito is recognized for his work as a reviewer for the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2019. The best way to care for our patients is by learning from our mistakes in the past.  Dr. Perito has a passion for clinical research and remains involved on the ground level through collaboration with his peers and working with other urologist and the Journal of Sexual Medicine has been an extremely fulfilling experience for him. The data we collect today and can help our patients of tomorrow.

Dr. Perito Presented “The Past and the Future of Male Genital Cosmetics” at the Miami Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference

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Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Perito had the pleasure of speaking at the recent Miami Cosmetic Surgery conference here in Miami Beach, FL where physician specializing in Cosmetic and Aesthetics procedures collaborate on their work and advancements in their field.  In recent years genital rejuvenation and aesthetics has become a hot topic as male and female patients show a growing interest in sexual health and the aesthetics of their most private parts.

Dr. Perito shared his most recent data and a look into the future of male genital cosmetics touching on a new patented technique offering men a safe and risk free way to enhance the girth and aesthetics of their penis.  This gathering of top-notch physicians specializing in cosmetic surgery was a great event and showed promising data on many advancements offering improved outcomes and safety to patients across the board looking for cosmetic results.

“Thank you Miami Aesthetics for the invitation and I look forward to future collaboration!” – Dr. Perito

Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Miami cosmetic

Perito Urology Trains Physicians from Brazil

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The trend of international physician training continued through the month of February. This time we were joined by our favorite rep from Brazil, Andre Pedrosa, and a team of highly skilled trainees from several parts of Brazil, including Dr’s Rafael Ambar, Marco Tulio, Hugo Castilho, Francisco Bretas, and Gabriel Veber. We have been fortunate to have trained some of Brazils top implanters. The weather in Miami has been fantastic lately, allowing a wonderful evening on the terrace for our didactic session, followed by a great day of cases in the OR. Looking forward to the next group of Brazilians!

Perito Urology Hosts First International Trainings of 2020

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Perito Urology

The first few training of 2020 have attracted some great talent from across the globe. This week, Perito Urology was lucky to host not 1 but 2 groups of doctors from the United Kingdom. The first group were Drs. Ian Pearce, Vaibhav Modgll, and Josip Vukina. We had a great training with many interesting and complicated cases. These physicians come from a great pedigree of British Urologists, like Dr. David Ralph. The second group were Drs. Arie Parnam and Marc Lucky. We would like to thank their reps. Ian Cunningham and Sug Thava for accompanying them over the last couple weeks.  We love hosting international trainees at Perito Urology, and can’t wait to collaborate with you all again soon!


The Perito Urology Team

Dr. Perito and Dr. Suarez-Sarmiento published in the Textbook of Male Genitourethral Reconstruction

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The team at Perito Urology was happy to announce the first publication of their chapter in the Textbook of Male Genitourethral Reconstruction. In this chapter, we briefly review the development of the infrapubic approach to implantation of the inflatable penile prosthesis.

With intra-operative photos and illustrations, we discuss the surgical steps. We also highlight patient selection, post-operative care and complications. Any patient is a candidate for an infrapubic approach to a penile implant, including those undergoing revisions. In fact, revisions are often best served through the infrapubic approach in order to at least attempt reservoir retrieval without the need for a secondary incision, something we have not performed in over 10 years.

This chapter was possible through collaborations with our great colleagues: Dr. Annah Vollstedt and Dr. Martin Gross from Dartmouth, and Dr. Gabriele Antonini of Italy.

Perito Urology Research Accepted for the 2020 AUA Conference in Washington, D.C.

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AUA 20

The first week of January brought us the news that the AUA Program Abstract Review Committee has accepted our abstract for presentations in a Podium and Poster Session at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association, to be held in Washington, DC May 15-18.

Our two novel abstracts look into “The Impact of Surgical Technique on Glans Hypermobility” and creating an “Expedited algorithm for IPP following Radical Prostatectomy.” Our expedited algorithm for implant intervention can give men who suffer from erectile dysfunction after their radical prostatectomies new hope that their suffering can be treated more quickly. This conference brings the best out of our community and great collaboration sparks innovation! See you in D.C.!