Scuola Italiana Di Implantologia Protestica Peniena’s Live Surgery Event

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Perito Urology

On May 22, 2020 Dr. Perito took part in a live streaming surgical event from Casa del Sole in Formia, Rome, Italy. The event was hosted by our friend and frequent collaborator, Dr. Gabrielle Antonini. The event included 5 live penile implant surgeries. All implants were performed using the Perito Minimally Invasive Technique.

A link of the event can be found here.

Dr. Perito, Speaker for the Saudi Andrology Group LIVE WEBINAR

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Saudi Andrology

May 28th, 2020

The Saudi Andrology Group Invited Dr. Perito as a guest speaker to discuss the Infrapubic Approach to Penile Implantation and Complicated Cases physicians are often faced with.  Professors Said Kattan, Naif Alhathal and Dr. Abdulleh Alfakhri organized the event where more than 230 physicians from Saudi Arabia attended to learn more about Dr. Perito’s Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Technique.  This was a ground-breaking engagement and Dr. Perito was excited to share his knowledge with physicians from the region interested in furthering their fund of knowledge for improved care of patients suffering from advanced stage ED.

“More than 50% of ALL urologists in Saudi Arabia were online for the meeting.  I could not have had more fun anywhere!   I was truly honored.”

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View the event below:

Dr. Perito, Panelist in Webinars on Telemedicine and Emerging from Covid-19

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Covid-19 webinar

April 17 /May 26, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic physicians were faced with challenges on how to work-up, follow-up, and consult with patients who had recently undergone surgery, those forced to reschedule, and those interested in surgery who could no longer meet face to face with their physicians.  Adapting to the changing environment was essential for physicians and their patients.  Telemedicine became a common practice and physicians modified their office layouts to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Dr. Perito participated in several webinars on how to incorporate these practices into the Men’s Health setting and how to manage prosthetic patients remotely during their rehab and return to sexual activity.  As a respected KOL in Men’s Health and penile prosthetics, Dr. Perito was invited as a panelist on 2 webinars hosted by Coloplast where physicians shared their experience and protocols during this time to ensure the best patient care possible.

Over 250 physicians registered for these events from various parts of the globe.  Since then elective procedure have opened back up and many physicians are seeing patients again.  These webinars played a significant role in protocols for physicians around the world and have made it easier for physicians to resume the treatment of patients with sexual dysfunction.


Perito Urology Participates at the Miami Cosmetic Surgery Symposium

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Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Paul Perito participated in the 2020 Miami Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium as a faculty member and presented Male Genital Cosmetics: Past, Present and Future, which was rated a 5/5 by attendees!

“Speaking with some of the top names in plastics at The Miami Cosmetic Surgery meeting was an honor and extremely informative.  Looking forward to our next endeavor,” said Dr. Perito.


Dr. Perito as Faculty – Advanced IPP Webinar

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Advanced IPP Webinar

April 24, 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Coloplast Advanced IPP Surgical Skills workshop in Tampa, Florida had to be postponed.  Given the uncertainty of timing and unknown reschedule date Coloplast shifted their approach and created a virtual Advanced IPP Webinar.  This course was designed for mid-level to experienced penile implanters with specialized interest in IPP’s and how to handle complex cases.

Two Key Opinion Leaders were asked to moderate this event due to their vast experience and wealth of knowledge relating to their different approaches to implanting an IPP.  Dr. Rafael Carrion from USF Central Florida utilizes the penoscrotal approach while Dr. Perito utilizes the Infrapubic approach.  Once recovered, the outcomes for patients are essentially the same, however both see advantages to their specific approach.  This webinar was highly attended and maintained more than 160 physician attendees from around the world.  Webinars have proven to be a great way to utilize the down time many physicians were faced with during the pandemic adding to the wealth of knowledge of physicians throughout the world resulting in better patient care and patient outcomes – in this case specific to penile prosthetics.

Dr. Perito Presented at the 2020 ISCG Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

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March 14-15, the team at Perito Urology was able to attend what will most likely be their last conference for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, with the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, many of our upcoming speaking engagements have been cancelled or postponed.

The serious threat of this virus has everyone on high alert, but also gives us a great opportunity to work on our research and spend some time reconnecting with our loved ones and those that are close to us.

On a positive note, Dr. Perito was able to speak at one of his favorite conferences last month, the ISCG 2020 Cosmetic Gynecology World Conference. Dr. Perito gave his updated talk on “What Should and Should Not Be Done To The Penis,” in front of a room of cosmetic gynecologists, fellow urologists, and plastic surgeons. Once again, we all must thank the Father and Son surgical team, Marco II and Marco III Pelosi, for their herculean effort in bringing together such a diverse group of speakers dedicated to such a vital part of Sexual Medicine.

The Pelosis and their counterparts have spearheaded novel techniques and shared them for what is now the 13th year of this congress. For anyone interested in this work I encourage them to visit the ISCG website, or go and see the Pelosis themselves in Bayonne, NJ.



Dr. Perito Recognized as a Reviewer of the Journal of Sexual Medicine

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On behalf of the JSM editors, Dr. Perito is recognized for his work as a reviewer for the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2019. The best way to care for our patients is by learning from our mistakes in the past.  Dr. Perito has a passion for clinical research and remains involved on the ground level through collaboration with his peers and working with other urologist and the Journal of Sexual Medicine has been an extremely fulfilling experience for him. The data we collect today and can help our patients of tomorrow.

Dr. Perito Presented “The Past and the Future of Male Genital Cosmetics” at the Miami Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference

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Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Perito had the pleasure of speaking at the recent Miami Cosmetic Surgery conference here in Miami Beach, FL where physician specializing in Cosmetic and Aesthetics procedures collaborate on their work and advancements in their field.  In recent years genital rejuvenation and aesthetics has become a hot topic as male and female patients show a growing interest in sexual health and the aesthetics of their most private parts.

Dr. Perito shared his most recent data and a look into the future of male genital cosmetics touching on a new patented technique offering men a safe and risk free way to enhance the girth and aesthetics of their penis.  This gathering of top-notch physicians specializing in cosmetic surgery was a great event and showed promising data on many advancements offering improved outcomes and safety to patients across the board looking for cosmetic results.

“Thank you Miami Aesthetics for the invitation and I look forward to future collaboration!” – Dr. Perito

Miami Cosmetic Surgery

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