Testosterone Pellet Treatment

Safely improve your quality of life with testosterone pellets

Testosterone is an important hormone for men and women alike. Maintaining healthy levels is essential for continued well-being, affecting everything from energy levels to sex drive to cognition.

Unfortunately, testosterone levels vary throughout one’s life, especially during middle and advanced age. The symptoms of low testosterone (low-t) can be extremely limiting to quality of life: sexual dysfunction, depression, and weight gain are all commonly reported effects.

What if you could reverse the effects of low-t with an outpatient procedure that will last patients for months? Testosterone pellets can do just that.

The testosterone pellets we administer at Perito Urology are roughly the size of a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin. Following the treatment, the pellets will slowly release testosterone into the patient’s bloodstream, helping to maintain a steady, healthy testosterone level for months at a time.

Testosterone replacement therapy to optimal levels can be achieved by administering intramuscular injections as well, however, is a tedious task of weekly injections that can result in peaks and troughs throughout each week and also require periodic lab monitoring. Testosterone pellets provide convenience of a steady state of optimal testosterone levels at a constant plateau, while only requiring pellet insertion 3-4x per year!