Patient Testimonial : Peter

Paciente Testimonio : Rafael (Español)

Penile Implant Patient Testimonial : HB

“Just wanted to relay to Dr Perito I will be turning 87 in Feb. This is coming up on my first anniversary and I’m still hard at it. My wife and I are very happy with the results. Thanks for a renewed lease on life. I feel like a young man again since the surgery.”

Penile Implant Patient Testimonial : G&J (Arkansas)

“It’s been 3 months now since my surgery and rehab from the post op bleeding that happened.* My wife and I have had more sex in the last six weeks than we had in the last 10 years! Thank you for what you do and specifically what you have done for us.
My wife said this morning ‘I want to call Dr Perito and say thank you’…THANK YOU!”

Postoperative rehabilitation can vary. Some patients smoother than others, but end results are almost always the same.

Peyronie’s Syndrome Patient Testimonial : Peter – Rock Climber (California)

Re: My Experience with the Paul Perito, M. D. Men’s Health Clinic

“Dr. Perito, I wanted to thank you, and your wonderful staff for the outstanding treatment and services rendered to me during my procedure, and treatment for my condition. I suffered from Peyronies Syndrome which eventually lead to my erectile dysfunction (ED).

I immediately begin looking for answers, and solutions to my condition. I begin educating myself on the subject. One day I found a link to a site on the internet which showed you and another Urologist from New York discussing your methodologies and procedures. I witnessed both surgical implant procedures. Needless to say, I was impressed, and sold on your approach.

I called your office to move forward with the process. I contacted your office. Your staff was very professional, helpful and accommodating. The next step was your telephone consultation.

Next, your staff and I scheduled a date for the procedure. In addition Zuly, your administrative assistant provided me with excellent information as to accommodations, hotels, etc. She was excellent.

I flew from California to Miami for the procedure. From that point everything was like clock-work.

It has been over two years since my procedure, and I must say that my life has been renewed.”

Urology Patient Testimonial : William Dennis (Thailand)

Re: My Experience with the Paul Perito, M.D. Urology Men’s Health Clinic

“The whole travel experience we had was a fun adventure. We flew Emerits airline from Bangkok to Dubai and then Dubai to New York and New York to Miami. All flights were on time and the whole travel experience turned into a medical vacation. We stayed at the hotel only two blocks away and I walked home from surgery. Everything worked as we hoped and all is well that ends well.

The patient care that your office shared with me was excellent. Your entire staff and especially you made my experience a joy. Everything was explained to me and all my questions were answered. Dr. Perito’s relationship with me during all this felt more like a friend than a doctor or patient relationship. His staff is his biggest asset and they dealt with my insurance company and took that headache out of my hands. Post surgery was also a joy and I went through it with no issues. Every think healed quickly and all functions are back.

I would like to thank the entire office for making my experience a joy and success.”

ED Patient Testimonial : Raymond

“Dr Perito, I am still amazed that I first walked into your office on Dec 29, 2011 a 73 year old guy from head to toe and left Miami 4 days later with a 20 year old penis. THANK YOU!! I am going to give my cardiolist and PCP a copy of the 3 page brochure of the surgery that you gave me when you saw me after surgery and advise them to place you at the top of their list for ED referrals.”

Penile Implant Patient Testimonial : RP

“Dear Dr. Perito: I want to thank you for your treatment of my ED. I am a busy surgeon that suffered from prostate [cancer], operated on with robotic surgery in November of 2011. This resulted in Erectile Dysfunction. I tried everything. The ErecAid system did not work. Penile injections [only] partially work and I became frustrated. Finally, after investigating all over the country for penile implants I became aware of your [expertise] and technique. I traveled to Florida from Texas to have the operation by you. This was a great experience.

I was in Florida on Thursday [and] operated on Friday as outpatient. No Foley [catheter]. I stayed in Florida Saturday and returned to Texas Sunday. This is five hours of travel [including] sitting and changing planes. I had minor pain on Friday that I was able to control with Tylenol. No heavy narcotics. I returned to work Monday. I was able to control the minor pain with regular analgesics. I am almost a month [out] from surgery, doing very well and learning how to use the new organ.

I want to thank you for the quality, experience, and professional care I received from you and your staff.

Urology Patient Testimonial : JH

I am a 70 year old native of North Carolina, and I have suffered with progressive erectile dysfunction for over 9 years. my issues were caused by hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

When I finally sought help, my internist advised me to choose my surgeon with care, paying particular attention to the surgeon’s experience, and choice of surgical techniques. Queries about our local doctors with known expertise yielded little encouragements I redirected my search to the internet. There I found the Perito clinic in Miami.

Beyond any doubt, Dr. Perito had more experience than any two clinics combined, and most importantly, he has perfected the most minimally invasive technique available.

On May 22 2013,my wife and I had our pre-surgical consult with Dr. Perito and his staff. After a simple painless test, we met with Dr. Perito, and got all the answers to my many technical questions. The decision was made to proceed with surgery the next day.

We arrived at the Coral Gables hospital at 7:00am on May 23rd 2013 for check-in and surgical prep. Coral Gables hospital is a 67 year old, small, immaculate specialty hospital, with plenty of parking, short walks to the entrance, and a super-efficient, friendly multilingual staff. Dr. Perito has his own specially equipped or suite.

My prep time and wait for surgery was about 2 hours, and my surgery lasted about 30 minutes. I was attended by a nurse anesthetist and Dr. Buero, whose skills include anesthesia, and cardiac surgery.

I elected, with Dr. Perito’s approval, to have my surgery done using only a frontal block local anesthetic. I was awake for the entire operation. This approach may not be for everyone, but has several advantages that suite my approach to my well-being. I strongly suggest you discuss the various options available with Dr. Perito before surgery.

I was in recovery about 2 hours, and then moved into a room. They brought me a delicious turkey sandwich. About 1 hour later I was released to go home.

We elected to stay two nights in a near-by motel before going to our vacation home in Fort Myers.

On May 24th 2013, the day after surgery, I returned to Dr. Perito’s office for a check-up. Everything was in order, so we returned to our hotel to rest before going out to dinner in coconut grove. On Friday morning, we packed up and headed to Fort Myers, stopping for lunch along the way.

Twelve days after surgery, I drove by myself from Ft. Myers to Coral Gables and back. I had the staples removed and turned loose for a 4 to 6 week recovery. We returned to North Carolina in early June.

Early in the 5th week of recovery, I took my maiden flight. All systems were on go, and performed admirably. Over time, things seem to become more natural, and comfortable. My wife is smiling more now, and my opinion of myself has improved.

Three things to consider: First, do not wait to have this procedure. Things atrophy with time and can not be fully restored. Secondly, do exactly what you are supposed to do for an adequate recovery period, do not rush into any situation that can lead to infection. Last but not least, minimally invasive surgery is your best choice. Less pain, less recovery time, and ever so much more comfortable. I have a friend who went the other route, with a less than experienced surgeon and suffered for over 3 months, with borderline infections and discomfort

I am available to discuss my experience if you so desire, just contact Dr. Perito’s staff for my contact information.

Penile Prosthesis Patient Testimonial

I’d like to take this opportunity to really thank you, the staff and especially Dr Perito. This is undoubtedly the best money I have ever spent in life. The prosthesis works great and in my opinion there’s is little or no difference from the real thing.

Please express my gratitude to Dr Perito.


G.T., Jamaica