MTP 83: Upsizing a Penile Implant

Dr. Paul PeritoMeet the Penis, penile implant

In this episode of MTP, Dr. Paul Perito answers a viewer question about increasing the size of a penile implant to add length.

Implants placed by non-dedicated penile implant clinics are often undersized or poorly positioned. In these cases, or if the implant experiences mechanical failure, it’s possible to undergo a revision at a dedicated qualified surgical clinic to ensure an appropriately sized implant. In cases where the implant is functioning well and was placed by an expert, the rate of infection goes from less than 1% to roughly 2%, which is an unnecessary risk for what amounts, on average, to a gain of 1.5cm. The best way to maintain and increase size is to exercise the penile implant as described in MTP 57 and to use the implant regularly, especially with a partner on top. For more information, and to submit your questions, contact us today!