IPP Technique

Dr. Perito Presents 10 Pointers on Prosthetic Excellence

Dr. Perito attended the 21st ISSM, World Meeting of the International Society of Sexual Medicine where he presented “10 Pointers on Prosthetic Excellence” in Lisbon, Portugal – March 5, 2018 “One would think I would get tired of talking about our minimally invasive penile implant.  In fact, every time I attend a conference with my […]

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Dr. Perito featured in Colombia’s Policia Nacional Publication

Dr Perito in Colomboa

“Pioneros en Sur America en emplante de protesis peneana por via infrapubica” featured Dr. Perito as a pioneer in bringing his minimally invasive infrapubic implant technique to Colombia for the first time. To see the translation, see below: “As interest in “different” or “novel” approaches to penile implant surgery abound, Colombia’s Excelencia Magazine and Dr. […]

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Dr. Perito’s Minimally Invasive IPP Technique Showcased for Surgeons in Rome

Urologist Dr. Gabriele Antonini hosted a surgical skills workshop and cadaver lab on the Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Penile Implant Technique pioneered by Dr. Perito in Rome on October 21st, 2017. The infrapubic penile implant technique was developed and designed specifically to minimize time and maximize efficiency in the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Perito […]

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Dr. Perito Attends & Proctors Surgical Workshop in Colombia

July 13-14 Dr. Perito attended and proctored a surgical skills workshop with Dr. Cesar Augusto Gonzalez Encinales in Bogota, Colombia at the Urologia y Andrologia Hospital Centra Policia Nacional This surgical skills workshop, directed and produced by Dr. Cesar Augusto Gonzalez Encinales, comprised multiple speakers with expertise in Men’s Health and the surgical treatment of […]

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Dr. Perito Co-Authors Manuscript for Journal of Impotence Research

May 2017 Dr. Perito has co-authored manuscript titled “A Retrospective Analysis of Risk Factors for IPP Reservoir Entry Into the Peritoneum After Abdominal Wall Placement” which was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Impotence Research:  Journal of Sexual Medicine. “With our ever-expanding series of reservoir placement during penile prosthesis placement (now approaching 5000), […]

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Dr. Perito Attends the American Urological Association 2017 Meeting In Boston, MA

During this meeting Dr. Perito was Faculty for two resident/fellow labs sponsored by Coloplast and held at the Boston BioSkills LAB and the Boston Convention Center.  These labs combined comprised 8 rotations where residents and fellows got hands on experience practicing the “Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Technique”.  These labs were followed up with Q&A sessions […]

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Dr. Perito, Faculty Invitation to the May 2017 AUA Meeting in Boston, MA

December, 2016 Presentation: “The Infrapubic Incision in Penile Prosthesis Surgery: Pearls for Avoiding the common Pitfalls” “After years of little or no attention being directed towards prosthetics in Urology the AUA has formulated a course addressing the changes in reconstructive paradigm. As one of the three faculty invited, I can speak for all of us […]

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