Our Patients who choose to avail themselves of our executive implant package will enjoy the following special services:

  • Transportation:
    • Our office is conveniently located in Coral Gables, just ten minutes from Miami International Airport and thirty minutes from Ft. Lauderdale Airport.  We will coordinate your travel in comfort in style with our private Cadillac Escalade limousine service to and from the offices of Perito Urology, your hotel, and the surgical facility.
  • In Office Consultation
    • A comprehensive urologic history, review and physical exam by Dr. Perito
    • A full range of urologic diagnostics to determine the best mode of therapy for your specific erectile issue
    • A comprehensive review, update and explanation of your recommended treatment
    • An expedited full report of your test results
  • Specialized Surgical Package:
    • Anesthesia – General, Spinal, or Local
    • Operating Room – Outpatient or Inpatient
    • Penile Implant of Choice
    • The Perito Implant TM Surgery (The Minimally Invasive penile Implant Procedure specially developed by Dr. Perito)
    • Post-operative Needs – delivered meds, supports, and ice packs
    • First post-operative visit to your hotel by Dr. Perito
    • Post-operative skilled nurse at your hotel
    • 24-Hour Direct Access to Dr. Perito by telephone or email
    • Perito Urology Concierge Care appointment priority and all office visits included for 1 year

If you would like to schedule one of Perito Urology’s Concierge Packages or have questions about our Concierge Service, please call our office or email us at info@peritourology.com.

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