Enhancing Expertise: Dr. Paul Perito Hosts Prosthetic Surgical Skills Workshop in Miami

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, girth enhancement, IPP Technique

Perito Urology hosted a Fellows Prosthetic Surgical Skills Workshop in Miami, FL on February 16-17, 2024.  The event was kicked off at Perito Urology to showcase a successful Men’s Health office in private practice and the journey of becoming a thriving prosthetic implanter.  There were 30 Residents and Fellows in attendance. It was an amazing evening on the Perito Urology balcony for dinner welcoming the next generation into the urological space as Prosthetic Surgeons.

Dr. Paul Perito‘s workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange and hands-on training, empowering participants with the skills and confidence needed to excel in urologic procedures related to penile prosthetics and girth enhancement. By providing a blend of theoretical insights and practical demonstrations, attendees gained invaluable insights into surgical techniques, post-operative care protocols and the means to become a successful urologic surgeon.

The following day, a didactic session covering IPP approaches, reservoir techniques, case study discussions, and troubleshooting difficult cases was held.  The second half of the event on this day was a cadaver lab with a one-on-one experience between fellows and the faculty at each station.

Urologic surgery, particularly involving penile prosthetics and UroFill™ penile girth enhancement, presents unique challenges that demand specialized expertise. Dr. Perito‘s workshop meticulously addressed these complexities, offering attendees a deep understanding of anatomy, surgical approaches, and device selection considerations. By fostering an environment of collaboration and learning, participants were equipped to navigate intricate surgical scenarios with precision and proficiency.

Dr. Paul Perito‘s Prosthetic Surgical Skills Workshop in Miami stands as a testament to the transformative power of specialized education and collaborative learning in urology. By equipping residents and fellows with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in penile prosthetic surgery, the workshop paves the way for enhanced patient care and continued innovation in the field. As participants return to their practices armed with newfound expertise, the ripple effects of this educational endeavor are poised to resonate throughout the realm of urologic surgery, ultimately benefiting patients and practitioners alike.