Advancements in Non-Surgical Penile Girth Enhancement: Dr. Paul Perito and UroFill™ Granted European Patent

Dr. Paul Peritogirth enhancement


In a groundbreaking development, world-renowned urologist Dr. Paul Perito (Miami, FL) and the UroFill™ penile girth enhancement technique have recently been awarded a patent by the European Patents Office for their innovative approach to non-surgical penile girth enhancement. This recognition underscores the significant strides being made in the field of men’s health, offering a promising alternative for those seeking enhanced self-confidence and satisfaction.

Dr. Perito, a pioneer in the field of urology, has long been committed to advancing less invasive and more patient-friendly solutions. The UroFill™ penile girth enhancement procedure represents a departure from traditional surgical methods, providing a non-surgical alternative that has garnered attention for its efficacy and safety over ten years.

The newly granted European patent serves as a testament to the unique and inventive nature of Dr. Perito’s approach. This recognition not only reaffirms the credibility of his work on the only reproducible technique for penile girth enhancement but also positions the UroFill™ technique as a leader in non-surgical penile girth enhancement on a global scale.

The acknowledgment by the European Patents Office adds a layer of legitimacy to the technique, opening doors for wider adoption and acceptance within the medical community worldwide. This not only recognizes the merit of the UroFill™ penile girth enhancement but also signifies a positive step towards revolutionizing the landscape of non-surgical approaches to men’s sexual health by board-certified urologists.