What are the most common complaints resulting in penile implant revisions? 

Our most common complaint from patients seeking revisions (local and visiting), beyond device failure, is related to pump placement.  We also see undersized cylinders, both in length and girth.

What percent of penile implant patients need revisions? 

While implant adverse events are significantly reduced, the major causes for reoperation of IPP are mechanical malfunction followed by device infection. In a 2007 Dr. Steve Wilson’s study of over 2000 implants showed the 5-year survival rate from revision for mechanical failure for both manufacturer’s IPP’s was 95% and the 15-year rate ranged from 60 to 87%.

What are the most important things for patients and physicians to keep in mind when it comes to implant revision surgery? 

Any patient seeking re-operation for a failed penile implant should research with their surgeon which implant will be used to replace the implant and why. If seeking a revision for a functioning implant, patients MUST clearly identify their perceived implant inadequacies and set realistic expectations.  I was told by one of my mentors, once you operate on an unhappy patient you own their problems from that point on.  Setting proper expectations has truly raised our favorable outcomes after revision/re-operation.