Dr. Paul Perito Travels to Birmingham, UK for #BAUS24 Conference

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BAUS 2024

Renowned penile implant surgeon Dr. Paul Perito is set to grace the British Academy of Urologic Surgeons’ Annual Scientific Meeting (#BAUS24) with his expertise. The BAUS conference, known for promoting the highest standards of urologic practice through education, research, and clinical excellence, will be hosted at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham, UK. 

Dr. Paul Perito: A Leader in Urology

Dr. Paul Perito will be a key speaker at this year’s conference. His patented UroFill® technique for penile girth enhancement has recently been approved by the European Union, marking a significant milestone in the field of urology. With the international community showing a growing interest in ethical male enlargement solutions, Dr. Perito’s presentations are highly anticipated.

The ICC Birmingham: A Prestigious Venue

Situated in the heart of the city, the ICC Birmingham is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and central location, making it an ideal venue for the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting. The conference will bring together leading urologists to discuss the latest advancements in the field, share research findings, and foster professional development. This year, with the surge in popularity of ethical male enlargement procedures like UroFill®, the conference is poised to be one of the most impactful gatherings yet.

Speaking Schedule and Topics

Dr. Perito will deliver five key presentations over the course of Monday and Tuesday, covering a range of critical topics in urology:

  • Updates on Penile Girth Enhancement with UroFill®**
  • Penile Implants**
  • Peyronie’s Disease**
  • Erectile Dysfunction**

These sessions will provide invaluable insights into the latest treatments and techniques, drawing from Dr. Perito’s extensive clinical experience and research.

Follow Dr. Perito’s Journey

Stay connected and follow Dr. Perito’s trip across the pond through our social media platforms. We will be sharing updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and key highlights from his presentations at the conference. This is a unique opportunity to gain real-time insights from one of the leading figures in urology.

Dr. Perito’s Conference Schedule:

  • Monday:** (Hall 9)
    • 11:05 – Penile Augmentation is Getting BIGGER. Showtime or Horror Show?
    • 16:40 – Infrapubic Penile Prosthesis
  • Tuesday:** (Hall 9)
    • 15:30 – The Papers that Changed Andrology in 2023 (panelist)
    • 16:30 – Peyronie’s Disease – USA vs UK. Is it More than a Ponds Difference
    • 17:10 – Gotta Get Up to Get Down – Erectile Dysfunction

Join us in celebrating Dr. Perito’s contributions to the field of urology at #BAUS24. This conference is not only a testament to the advancements in urologic medicine but also a platform for professionals to collaborate, innovate, and drive forward the standards of patient care.

BAUS #2024