MTP #87: ED Caused by Veno-Occlusive Disease

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, Meet the Penis, penile implant

In this episode of MTP, Dr. Paul Perito discusses the relationship between veno-occlusive disease and ED.

Patients with veno-occlusive-disease accounts for roughly 80 percent of cases we see and treat for ED at Perito Urology and the Perito Clinic. In some cases, the disease is genetic, but other factors may lead to it. In veno-occlusive ED, penile veins aren’t able to store enough blood to maintain an erection. When this occurs, the three main options for patients are either high-dose injection therapy, penile implants, or to stop having sex. Veno-occlusive ED is a physiological condition, and not a psychological one, and should be treated by a trained and experienced urologist.