Perito Urology Announces Publication of Manuscript in International Journal of Impotence Research

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Dr. Perito and the team at Perito Urology proudly announce the publication of a new manuscript which is now available in print format in the International Journal of Impotence Research. “The Nuances of Infrapubic Incision for Inflatable Penile Prosthesis” is a follow up study to the previous printed manuscript “Unexpected Nuances of the Penoscrotal Inflatable Penile Prosthesis.” Dr. Perito along … Read More

What Keeps Men From Seeking Medical Treatment for ED?

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As a urological surgeon, the main challenge I see for patients probably isn’t what you’d think it would be. It’s not a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease (they can be treated), it’s not the risk of complications from surgery (less than 1%), and it’s not the recovery process (3-6 weeks). It’s actually coming in and making an appointment. … Read More

Dr. Perito Proctors Lab on Clinical Concepts of Prosthetics in Boston

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Apr 27-28, 2018 Dr. Munarriz and Coloplast knocked it out of the park with their course and Lab “Clinical Concepts on Prosthetics”. The proctors and participants were engaged throughout the two day seminar. Some were in fact embroiled in the defense of ones own concepts. That is what makes these workshops so enjoyable!” – Dr. Perito Welcome Letter for Boston … Read More

Dr. Perito’s Commentary on Recent Prostate Cancer Study

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A recent publication, “Follow-up of Prostatectomy versus Observation for Early Prostate Cancer” (Wilt, TJ, et al), raises the ongoing question regarding patient outcomes during the era of aggressive treatment for prostate cancer and how that compares to “watchful waiting.’ The article does offer exceptional insight into the broad choices facing patients and their physicians, but does not address the psychological … Read More