MASTER CLASS IN ANDROLOGY “All you can EAT: European Andrology Training Facing the Covid Era!”

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, IPP Technique

The European Association of Urology invited Dr. Perito along with his colleagues Dr. David Ralph, Dr. Gabriele Antonini, Dr. Joseph Torremade, and Dr. Andrea Cocci, to give a Master’s Class in Penile Prosthesis Surgical Techniques. “I am pleased that there is a resurgence of the infrapubic approach across the globe.”

Operating and teaching in Coral Gables, Florida, Dr. Perito has developed a particularly efficient infrapubic technique and will teach Master’s Course attendees the steps and nuances of his surgery when placing the Titan prosthesis. Master’s Classes give doctors from around the world the ability to learn new skills remotely while interacting with other physicians.