SMSNA VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: “Glans Hypermobility Should be Fixed at Time of Initial Implant.”

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The 21st Meeting of the SMSNA held a debate titled: Sexual Medicine Debates 2: Beyond the Thunderdome!

This debate was moderated by Dr. Gerald B. Brock & Brian S. Christine. Dr. Perito faced off against his colleague and collaborator Dr. Tobias Kohler and their topic was: Should Glans Hypermobility be Fixed at Time of Initial Implant? The debate was attended virtually by over 500 urologists from around the world.  Glans hypermobility is a topic that Dr. Perito has been very passionate about for years and be able to see this concept finally garner the attention it deserves was a proud moment for the Team at Perito Urology. 

“I could not have lost the debate to a better man, Dr. Kohler.  While one of the moderators celebrated the loss (you know who you are!), it was a victory for me.  Finally, implantors are recognizing the significant incidence of hypermobility!  But I will conclude by saying that the Grading Scale we have introduced for hypermobility will persuade you to not over-operate and only use concomitant glanspexy on certain patients undergoing IPP.”