Dr. Perito Announces Launch of Nine Global UroFill Centers

Dr. Paul PeritoUncategorized

After eight years of work within the realm of male genital cosmetics, we are happy to announce the grand opening of nine global centers focused on utilization of our patented technique for penile girth enhancement. For years it has been an honor to work with all of these surgeons providing men with a minimally invasive surgical approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

During this time we have all learned the importance of being proper stewards of the penis. I am proud to showcase our board-certified urologists, all dedicated to men’s health, all capable of handling anything and everything that may come their way. I implore patients to research their options when deciding whether or not they embark on any cosmetic procedure for the penis. Avoid the beautician lacking in years of comprehensive training. Choose a urologist, a specialist dedicated to the penis!

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