Dr. Perito Wins Miami Cosmetic Surgery Maverick Award for UroFill™ Patented Technique for Penile Girth Enhancement

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The team at Perito Urology are proud to announce that Dr. Perito was the recipient of the 2021 Miami Cosmetic Surgery Maverick Award, sponsored by Allergan, for his innovative work creating the UroFill™ Patented Technique for Penile Girth Enhancement. This award was presented at the 2021 Miami Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference and is given to recipients who demonstrate progressive and innovative ideas that will have lasting impact on medical aesthetics. Dr. Perito has dedicated over 8 years developing and practicing his patented technique for penile girth enhancement.  The UroFill™ patented technique is based on similar tissue enhancement techniques used on the lips, face, neck or other sensitive areas of the body. The UroFill™ technique is unique in its delivery of the material and its adaptation to the penis. With over eight years of clinical review, UroFill™ has developed the appropriate technique to safely enhance penile girth.

Dr. Perito Maverick