Perito Urology Manuscript Accepted for Publication

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, IPP Technique, penile implant

Dr. Perito and the team at Perito Urology proudly announce the publication of a new manuscript which has been accepted for print. Dr. Perito along with a strong team of collaborators headed by Dr. Steve Wilson, Dr. Sung Hun Park, and Dr. John Mulcahy. were able to mine their extensive database and bring novel ideas to the forefront of modern urology. Collaboration allows us to work together to better the patient experience and allow current urologists in the field to learn from our collective observations. The following manuscripts have been accepted for publication:

IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal:

“Unexpected Nuances of the Penoscrotal Inflatable Penile Prosthesis” by Steven Wilson, Paul Perito, Sung Hun Park, and John Mulcahy