Dr. Perito Travels to Rome To Share Expertise on the Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Approach

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, erectile dysfunction, IPP Technique

Dr. Perito and Antonini

The collaboration between Professors Gabriele Antonini and Paul Perito on the Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Technique is getting stronger. Over the course of the week, Dr. Perito presented his revolutionary technique to Urologists from Europe who specialize in Men’s Health at the 2nd Edition Pelvic Surgery and Urological Function Meeting where he sharing his knowledge on the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Six patients in Rome underwent the penile implant procedure using Dr. Perito’s Minimally Invasive Technique.  This novel technique adopted long ago by Dr. Antonini, has advanced the treatment of men with ED beyond response to pill and injection therapies.  The penile implant is used specifically but not limited to patients who have previously undergone surgery for prostate cancer, or those suffering from venous leaks related to diabetes and other predispositions to the breakdown of vascular structures which prevent them from having erections.  In just 15 minutes we are able to implant the three-component device, a quality of life changing procedure enjoyed more and more by men and couples around the world.

“It was a wonderful week and we are grateful to Dr’s Gabriele Antonini and Maurizio Carrino and their staff for hosting us”

-Dr. Perito