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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have been through a very difficult last 3 years. Bladder cancer was discovered in me in 2016. I underwent chemo and 3 operations to end that year. The last operation in 2016 took eleven hours . My bladder was removed and a Neo bladder was constructed from my small intestine. During surgery a low grade cancer was found in my prostate so it was also removed
    Along with my lymph nodes. After the chemo and surgery I lost 55 pounds. My wife went into a depression because she felt our life as we knew it was over. She thought I would never be what I was . She divorced me this year. I almost understand why she did it. No ability to get an erection , no strength or energy , constant incontinence, total loss of my self esteem , etc. I tried other operations to correct things. Under my MD Anderson urologist’s advice , I did the artificial sphincter surgery first. After healing the device was activated. It appeared to work for three weeks but it then cut a hole in my eurethra and I developed an E. coli infection. Another surgery to remove it. The doctor talked me into doing it again to be followed by penile implant surgery after it had healed . The second sphincter surgery was performed in January of this year and the penile surgery in March . Once again the shpincter cut my eurethra and I was operated on 4 weeks ago to remove both devices. The penile implant was not causing a problem but due to the infection from the sphincter, both were removed . To say I feel defeated is an understatement. Now I truly feel dead . My question is do you feel I am a candidate for your surgery with my history of infection? If so how long should I wait for your surgery to take place? I still believe in a loving relationship with the right woman but only if I can perform as a man. I am tired of this trouble and feeling so inadequate. I hope you can help. I have Medicare insurance with a blue cross blue shield supplement and I would need everything covered by insurance. I look forward to your reply Sir.

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