Perito Urology Hosts Surgical Skills Workshop for ED Treatment

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, erectile dysfunction, IPP Technique, penile implant

2019 Surgical Skills Workshop

Perito Urology hosted a Didactic Session and Surgical Skills Workshop for 21 residents and fellows from across the U.S. specializing in Men’s Health and surgical treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

A group of five physicians, along with corporate team members, joined Dr. Perito in hosting and presenting to some of today’s rising stars in urology. Presentation topics ranged from a Men’s Health update from Dr. Perito, as well as Step-by-step penile implant, penoscrotal, and infrapubic techniques from other leading surgeons in the field.  The following day, the residents and fellows observed cases in a LAB setting with a Q&A session to follow.

The attendees were able to learn novel techniques on how to properly place a penile implant, and how to troubleshoot some of the more uncommon complications. The weekend was a great success and highlighted some of the talented young urologists that are out there today. We look forward to the next Surgical Skills workshop and spreading our knowledge to the penile implant community!

Coloplast Men's Health Residents and Fellows' Surgical Skills Workshop

Dr. Perito Educates Surgeons on Surgical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction