The following instructions are for penile implant surgery patients only. Please consult Perito Urology regarding pre- and post-operative instructions for other types of procedures.

Once discharged from the hospital one can expect some swelling and bruising. The swelling and bruising will resolve over the next seven to fourteen days.

The first two days after the procedure should be spent relaxing with minimal activity and ice on the groin area. There is no lifting greater than ten pounds for two weeks. Patients may shower on the second day after the procedure. Warm soaks may be soothing by the third day.

If not allergic to the medication, Aleve is highly recommended for up to two weeks after the procedure. Pain medications should be taken to provide comfort. Remember, pain medications also cause constipation.

The stitches used to close the wound are absorbable and do not need to be removed. Small strips cover the incision and will fall off in the shower. Any other bandages from the hospital should be removed.

All patients should keep their penis against the abdomen for three days with the supplied scrotal support. After that all patients should begin gently pulling down on the penis while gently massaging the incision several times a day.

Most patients are cycling their penile implants and resuming a normal sex life by four to six weeks after the procedure.