What is erectile dysfunction, and how can penile implant surgery correct the condition?


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition where a man fails to achieve or maintain a consistent erection that is suitable for penetrative sexual intercourse. Once a patient has expended all other resources for treatment of ED – medications, lifestyle change, etc. – a penile implant may be his final, best option for resuming a satisfactory sex life. Penile implants allow a man to achieve an artificial erection, thus offering him the opportunity to experience a normal sex life.


What types of penile implants are available?


At Perito Urology, we offer two types of penile implant: inflatable and malleable.
The Coloplast Titan is a three-piece inflatable device which utilizes a reservoir and pump system. This allows the patient to control the size of his erection and return the penis to a natural looking, flaccid state when he is not actively using the penile implant.
The Coloplast Genesis consists of two flexible (malleable) rods. The penis is always ready and simply needs to be positioned into place for intercourse.

The choice between the two penile implants is a matter of personal choice and may be discussed with Dr. Perito prior to the penile implant surgery.


How effective are the penile implants?


Historically, the failure rate is between 2% and 5% every five years. Each penile implant device is covered with a lifetime warranty. Full sexual function is restored. The implant does not interfere with urination or ejaculation.


Will the implant affect penis size?


Neither of the penile implant options utilized by Dr. Perito is intended to increase the length or girth of the penis. Careful measurements will be taken at the onset of surgery. The implants come in many different sizes and Dr. Perito will choose the size that most corresponds to the length that is determined by a penile stretch test. Some patients may experience a slight decrease in penile length.


What are the benefits of the minimally invasive penile implant surgery offered by Dr. Perito?

There is less cutting involved, which equates to a faster recovery time – most patients can resume normal sexual activity within 4 to 6 weeks. Additionally, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. This eliminates potential complications that may arise with general anesthesia.


Are the implants discreet?

Yes. They are concealed completely within the penis and scrotum. The small scars left behind from the penile implant surgery will be covered by the natural regrowth of hair and should not be visible to the naked eye.


Are the penile implants covered by insurance?

Generally, most insurance will cover penile implant surgery. Please provide your insurance information prior to the procedure so that our office may work to determine your out-of-pocket cost.


What information do prospective penile implant patients need to provide to Dr. Perito?


Perito Urology requires the following test results:

  • CBC
  • PT
  • PTT
  • Micro urine analysis
  • BMP
  • Chest x-ray
  • EKG
  • Blood tests

Additionally, penile implant patients with significant medical conditions should obtain medical/cardiac clearance preoperatively. Consulting physicians need to be informed of the intent to undergo a 15 min. procedure, which may utilize general, spinal, or local anesthetic. Dr. Perito should be informed in advance of the use of blood thinners.