Dr. Paul Perito’s Transformative Trip to Brazil: Revolutionizing Penile Aesthetics in Urology

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In a remarkable journey that left an indelible mark on the history of Brazilian urology, Dr. Paul Perito, recently traveled to Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. From May 18 to 20, 2023, he participated in the XVII Paulista Congress of Urology, a milestone event that solidified itself as the largest gathering of urologists in Latin America. Dr. Perito’s visit aimed to promote his groundbreaking UroFill™ patented technique for penile girth enhancement using hyaluronic acid, which is the only safe and efficacious method for such enhancements.

With an auditorium brimming with urologists, Dr. Perito took the stage and delivered three impactful presentations that captivated the attendees. The first presentation centered around sexual medicine and addressed the critical topic of managing clients’ demands regarding genital aesthetics. This discussion shed light on the importance of considering the holistic well-being of patients and their desires when addressing sexual health.

The second presentation, a lively discussion of complex cases, focused on the topic of penile prosthesis implantation and the decision-making process between malleable and inflatable options. Dr. Perito’s expertise and insights into the intricacies of penile prosthetics provided invaluable guidance to the urologists present, enabling them to make informed decisions in their practice.

Dr. Perito’s third and final presentation served as the closing highlight of the conference, titled “Penile Aesthetics in the Practice of the Urologist.” This captivating session shed light on the importance of urologists’ involvement in male aesthetics, particularly in the realm of sexual medicine. Dr. Perito’s expert perspective emphasized that specialists in urology, armed with their expertise in sexual medicine, are uniquely qualified to address the aesthetic concerns related to the male genitalia.

“What the general public does not know is that all of us who are urologists who have trained for fourteen to sixteen years to hold and take care of a penis should be the only ones who address the penis in a clinical setting… There are charlatans, beauticians, and physicians lacking proper training treating men in every count leaving a swath of misery or disappointment behind them,” said Dr. Perito. 

“My goal is to ensure that men are informed prior to seeking anything related to the penis. My good friends in Brazil are making this job a lot easier,” he added.

As Dr. Perito concluded his final presentation, his closing remarks resonated profoundly with the audience. The UroFill™ technique for penile girth enhancement, which he championed, garnered tremendous buzz and excitement among the attendees. Dr. Perito’s innovative approach and the safety and efficacy of the UroFill™ technique left a lasting impression on the urologists, sparking a revolution in the field of male aesthetics. 

‘This podcast-styled meeting combined a reconstructive pediatric urologist, a reconstructive adult urologist, and a psychiatrist. I was honored to be on the stage with all of them as we constructed, together, a platform on how to properly address the male with penile anxiety disorder, meaning 25% of men who have a normal-sized penis that would like a little more!” said Dr. Perito of the event. 

“If there is a safe and efficacious technique for penile enhancement, why not try it? The key is to inform the patient that they are normal.”

Dr. Perito’s trip to Brazil emphasized the vital role of urologists and sexual medicine experts in male aesthetics. By sharing his expertise and groundbreaking techniques, he empowered urologists to embrace this realm of practice, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care for their sexual health needs. The integration of aesthetic considerations within the scope of urology represents a significant step forward, enabling patients to achieve optimal outcomes and enhancing their overall well-being.

“Brazilians love case presentations,” said Dr. Perito of the experience. “I think this is a brilliant way to engage the audience. Otherwise the attendees hear the same thing I presented. Great cases and better feedback from the audience and panel. Thank you!”