MTP #71: Shockwave Treatment Q and A

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, girth enhancement, Meet the Penis, penile implant

Shockwave treatment is increasingly touted as a treatment for ED, girth enhancement and Peyronie’s Disease. In this episode, Dr. Perito dispels many of the misconceptions people have about its effectiveness as a treatment for any of them.

The reality is that Shockwave treatment is not very efficacious for treating ED, especially in comparison to the 95% success rate with inflatable penile implants; it can actually augment TGFP, meaning an increased likelihood of Peyronie’s Disease; and there’s a lack of evidence that it has any effect at all for girth enhancement.

The primary upside is that it increases revenue for physicians, which should do little to instill confidence on the part of patients.

For these reasons and many others, Perito Urology does not offer Shockwave therapy, and Dr. Perito would not recommend it as a treatment.