Dr. Perito Presents at Brazilian Paulista Congress of Urology and USP Surgical Workshop

Dr. Paul PeritoIPP Technique, penile implant

Dr. Perito Paulista Brazil

Dr. Perito led demonstrations of the infrapubic penile prosthesis (IPP) technique he developed at a urologic surgical workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil last month.

The first presentation, Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Inflatable Penile Prosthesis, covered pre-, intra- and post-operative techniques to achieve the best outcomes using best practices for IPP procedures. Following the presentation, Dr. Perito delivered a demonstration of his IPP technique on four patients, with five urologists attending each demonstration.

The second event was a symposium and presentation called Adjunct Procedures at the Time of Penile Implant Surgery. What’s In Your Toolbox? The goal was to prepare surgeons to be able to prepare for potential scenarios and how to achieve the best results for patients in the shortest period of time to avoid complications.

Sixty urologists from Brazil attended the conference in total and was overall a great success!

Many of the surgeons in attendance were eagerly awaiting the introduction of the UroFill™ girth enhancement technique to Brazil.

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