Dr. Perito, Panelist in Webinars on Telemedicine and Emerging from Covid-19

Dr. Paul Peritocoloplast, education, erectile dysfunction, IPP Technique, penile implant

Covid-19 webinar

April 17 /May 26, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic physicians were faced with challenges on how to work-up, follow-up, and consult with patients who had recently undergone surgery, those forced to reschedule, and those interested in surgery who could no longer meet face to face with their physicians.  Adapting to the changing environment was essential for physicians and their patients.  Telemedicine became a common practice and physicians modified their office layouts to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Dr. Perito participated in several webinars on how to incorporate these practices into the Men’s Health setting and how to manage prosthetic patients remotely during their rehab and return to sexual activity.  As a respected KOL in Men’s Health and penile prosthetics, Dr. Perito was invited as a panelist on 2 webinars hosted by Coloplast where physicians shared their experience and protocols during this time to ensure the best patient care possible.

Over 250 physicians registered for these events from various parts of the globe.  Since then elective procedure have opened back up and many physicians are seeing patients again.  These webinars played a significant role in protocols for physicians around the world and have made it easier for physicians to resume the treatment of patients with sexual dysfunction.