Dr. Perito Presented “The Past and the Future of Male Genital Cosmetics” at the Miami Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference

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Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Perito had the pleasure of speaking at the recent Miami Cosmetic Surgery conference here in Miami Beach, FL where physician specializing in Cosmetic and Aesthetics procedures collaborate on their work and advancements in their field.  In recent years genital rejuvenation and aesthetics has become a hot topic as male and female patients show a growing interest in sexual health and the aesthetics of their most private parts.

Dr. Perito shared his most recent data and a look into the future of male genital cosmetics touching on a new patented technique offering men a safe and risk free way to enhance the girth and aesthetics of their penis.  This gathering of top-notch physicians specializing in cosmetic surgery was a great event and showed promising data on many advancements offering improved outcomes and safety to patients across the board looking for cosmetic results.

“Thank you Miami Aesthetics for the invitation and I look forward to future collaboration!” – Dr. Perito

Miami Cosmetic Surgery

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