Dr. Perito Presents Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Implant in Tampa

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Dr. Perito Presented the Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Implant Technique and Proctored a LAB at a recent Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop in Tampa, FL – March 8-9, 2019

Dr. Rafael Carrion and the team from USF hosted a didactic and surgical skills workshop in Tampa, FL over the weekend of March 8-9, 2019, in which Dr. Perito was honored to be a participant.  Nearly 30 physicians from around the US attended focusing on men’s health and surgical treatments for advanced stage ED.  Dr. Perito participated in a dinner discussion Friday evening where they discussed common challenges faced by physicians during surgery and advancements in reservoir placement and placement techniques.  The following day he presented during a didactic session and proctored the infrapubic implant station in the lab. Seven top implanters and corporate team members joined Dr. Perito in presenting to some of today’s top urologists. Presentation topics included a Men’s Health update from Dr. Perito and step-by-step penoscrotal and infrapubic penile implant techniques.  These workshops provide amazing opportunities urologists throughout the country to learn from one another and share ideas that will help evolve the patient experience and common practices of penile implant surgery.

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  1. On April 14th this year I had a penile implant. Dr. Ferguson of Davis Calif. performed the operation. 7 weeks later he had me come in for first inflation only to find that the left tube was too short by an inch or more and did not inflate. a ct scan reveled an apparent twist or kink in the tube near the base. the implant is a 20 cm coloplast with 3 cm rear tip extenders. Now he is referring me to a Dr. Lue in San Francisco. My question is: Will they have to remove the entire implant and put in a new one or with they be able to just straighten out the lest side. Also the right side seems to be lumpy when deflated. What is your opinion?

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