MTP #25: Do Penile Implants Restore Length and Girth After Prostatectomy

Dr. Paul Peritoerectile dysfunction, girth enhancement, Meet the Penis, penile implant1 Comment

In this episode of Meet the Penis, Dr. Perito answers the question of whether or not a penile implant procedure would restore length and girth following a prostatectomy, and explains what’s needed for penile implant patients to maintain health and stop atrophy of their erectile tissue.

One Comment on “MTP #25: Do Penile Implants Restore Length and Girth After Prostatectomy”

  1. I had a radical prostastectomy that gave me an hour glass shape at the base of the penis and have ED. I wanted to know if the hour glass shape will create problems for an implant. Will they have to do something to it? Will it stop after putting an implant?

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