Dr. Perito Presents a Course on Penile Implants in San Francisco

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, IPP Technique

Dr. Perito at AUA in San Francisco

Dr. Perito attended the American Urological Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting, where he taught and presented a course on penile implants and prosthesis to an audience of urologists from all around in the world. The meeting was in San Francisco from May 18-20.

The presentation was titled “When Experts Struggle in the OR: Difficult Cases and Steering Clear of Trouble in Prosthetic Surgery,” with a corresponding course called “Paradigm Changes in 40-Year-Old Operation: Inflatable Penile Prosthesis.”

“Discussing Transparency in medicine takes on a new level of importance in the case of Trump.  I truly enjoyed speaking to peers regarding evidence based determination and how we as a group can incorporate them.

Dr. Wilson brought together a program that I hope fed the urologic desires of implanters wanting to improve their prosthetic skills.  3 different characters and opinions but spot on SKW!” – Dr. Perito

Dr. Perito teaches penile implants