Dr. Perito comments on “The PENIS Book” by Dr. Aaron Spitz

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, erectile dysfunction, penile implant

December 2017

The Penis Book

Let my start by saying the penis is funny! What many do not know about Aaron Spitz, MD, chief representative for America’s urologists to the American Medical Association, is that he once was a stand-up comedian and a good one. This adjunct to his training courses smoothly through The Penis Book making it a must-read for anyone who finds the penis both funny and essential. From the “Fake News” on circumcision and penile enlargement to the rational treatments for anejaculation and erectile dysfunction, Dr. Spits nails it! I have seen more penises than most during my career, and this book will remain on my desk as both a reference and a joy to re-read.

– Dr. Perito