Dr. Perito Performs Five Advanced Surgical Repairs on Implant Patients

Dr. Paul Peritopenile implant

Dr. Paul Perito and Perito Urology performed five advanced surgical repairs on penile implant patients experiencing prior complications during a training program titled “Difficult Case Day.”

While penile implant surgery has a low rate of infection and complication when performed by a well-trained surgeon, it is sometimes necessary to revise prior surgeries if that patient is experiencing adverse effects.  On this day, the five patients treated by Perito Urology endured 25 previous implant-related procedures.  Through a variety of surgical tricks all five patients received functioning inflatable or malleable penile implants.

Repairing complicated penile implants is delicate work, as the patient is often experiencing symptoms such as infection, pain, or device malfunction which can add an extra level of difficulty to what is already a challenging procedure. There are only a handful of urological surgeons who are able to achieve favorable outcomes from complications of this magnitude, which is why patients from all around the world travel to Perito Urology.