Paul Perito, M.D. Pioneers New Penile Girth Enhancement Technology

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Renowned Surgeon Presents Groundbreaking Data at The Aesthetics Show 

Miami, Florida – July 16, 2015 – At last week’s The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, Paul Perito, M.D., Chief of Surgery at Coral Gables Hospital, presented new clinical data that may signal new hope for millions of men seeking to safely expand the size of their most personal organ.

Dr. Perito, trailblazer for the surgical treatment of ED and developer of the “Perito Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Procedure,” is now pioneering a penile girth enhancement methodology that set the clinical crowd at The Aesthetic Show buzzing. Based on Dr. Perito’s extensive anatomical research, the new technique is groundbreaking in that it succeeds where other techniques have failed and is relatively simple for physicians specializing in sexual medicine to perform.

The Aesthetic Show, held this year at Wynn Las Vegas Resort, is the world’s largest global medical education meeting focused on aesthetic medicine.

“It’s been a great honor to have Dr. Perito, a true medical thought leader, as part of our educational program sharing his methodology and research pertaining to penile girth enhancement,” said Michael Moretti, President and Publisher of Medical Insight, Inc. and Chairman of The Aesthetic Show.  “It is our mission at The Aesthetic Show to share educate, inspire and introduce innovation in the world of aesthetic medicine, and Dr. Perito has covered all of those bases with his important clinical data.”

In what is being called the first clinical measurement of penile girth enhancement in medical history, Dr. Perito’s technique was inspired by many patients he had seen over the years. Dr. Perito also recognized the need to conduct a clinical study and measure his specific approach with colleagues abroad:  Gabriele Antonini, MD and Guiseppe Gentile, MD.

“Patients routinely present with multiple conditions that commonly lead to penile atrophy or distortion,” said Dr. Perito. “These men are concerned with their physical image and search for alternative therapies to remedy this important aspect of their lives.  Men continue to fall victim to various ill-conceived therapies or devices for penile girth enhancement.  The truth is that there is no ‘easy fix.’ To do girth enhancement safely and effectively,  requires a urologic specialist.

Dr. Perito recognized the need to conduct a clinical study and measure his specific approach.

“Because of our unique and diverse experience in this area of medicine, we believe that our practice was ideally suited towards such a globally perplexing issue,” said Dr. Perito.  “We reviewed outcome data from more than 120 patients and we are now able to demonstrate our highly specific technique and formula as providing significant success in more than 84% of patients.  Most importantly, we were able to show that results were maintained beyond the two-year level.”

Many men suffer from a multitude of conditions that cause penile waisting, narrowing and deformity.  A large percentage of these men may benefit from Dr. Perito’s proprietary approach to girth enhancement.

Largely considered a global thought-leader in this highly specialized area of medicine, Perito has been treating men from all over the world at his practice in Coral Gables.

“Whether the patient is from Atlanta or Zimbabwe, we focus on the ‘entire male patient’ so that we can successfully resolve the issue and restore the patient’s lifestyle and livelihood,” stated Dr. Perito, who has practiced in the Miami area for over 15 years.  “Men’s health is an escalating aspect of urologic practices and the techniques that we’ve amassed not only provide advanced training for the physicians who attend this program, but the foundation for similar men’s health practices throughout the world.”

Dr. Perito and Perito Urology boast an exclusive concierge care program that an increasing number of global patients have opted for, recognizing the Center’s extensive service and results.

Perito Urology is a comprehensive men’s health center that focuses on ED, Peyronie’s (penile curvature), Penile Girth Enhancement, Minimally Invasive treatment of BPH, Low Testosterone and other male considerations. To learn more, contact (305) 444-2920 or visit

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