Dr. Perito Presented and Proctored Cadaver Lab during a Surgical Skills Workshop at Carolinas Surgical Center CMC-Mercy in Charlotte, NC – December 5-6, 2014

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During this 2 day event Dr. Perito attended a dinner with more than a dozen local urologists from the Carolinas and presented a discussion with other experts in the fields of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence including Aaron Lentz, MD who previously trained with Dr. Perito and is an acting professor at Duke, and Eugeen Rhee, the Worlds expert on the Virtue Sling.  During this discussion the panel of experts discussed patient interaction and tools to help educate the patient population on procedures to treat erectile dysfunction and incontinence, both serious health issues affecting men across the globe.  The following day Dr. Perito proctored a cadaver lab where doctors took home hands on experience on “The Perito Implant” minimally invasive penile implant technique.

“I saw many old good friends who have adopted some of the techniques they learned while in Miami.”

-Dr. PeritoCMC Mercy, Charlotte, NC

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