Press Release: Coral Gables Hospital to Host Urological Surgical Training

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Press Release Published in South Florida Hospital News:

Release Date 11/18/2014 

Coral Gables Hospital to Host Urological Surgical Training

Coral Gables Hospital will serve as a surgical training site for the 20th annual Fall Scientific Meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) taking place from Nov. 20 to  Nov. 23. The organization is composed of 700 healthcare members who are committed to the medical practices associated with sexual health.

“Coral Gables Hospital is one of Miami’s leading hospitals for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and serves as a training site for urological surgeons from all over the world each year,” said Jeffrey M. Welch, CEO of Coral Gables Hospital. “We are happy to welcome the participants of this year’s urological training to our hospital.”

The four-day urological training will include observations of a series of procedures performed at Coral Gables Hospital, including minimally invasive techniques for treatment of common urologic maladies including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), male incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Dr. Paul Perito, chairman of urology at Coral Gables Hospital and a renowned expert in men’s health and sexual function, will serve as one of the faculty members for the program.

“Men’s health is an escalating aspect of urologic practices,” said Dr. Perito, as well as Dr’s Eugeen Rhee and Ed Gheiler. “The techniques that we will display will provide advanced, specialized training for attendees.”

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