Dr. Perito visits Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a surgical workshop and presentation in Sao Paulo at The World Meeting of Sexual Medicine – Oct 5th -11th, 2014

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Monday Oct 6th – Dr. Perito Assisted in 2 Complicated Penile Implant cases in Rio de Janeiro followed  by a presentation to over 30 Doctors From Around the City.

Despite the language barrier my colleagues from Brazil consistently challenged me with numerous questions keeping me on my toes like no other recent venue

Wednesday Oct 8th Dr. Perito Presented 3 Topics at the Prosthetic Urology Symposium With Extensive Use of Videos Sponsored by the ISSM Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology (VJPU)

  • Tips of Infrapubic IPP (video)
  • Urethral Injury during IPP:  a New Repair
  • IPP & Scratch Technique

Dr. Steve Wilson knocked one out of the park with his 6 hour video session teaching all of the most recent advancements in prosthetic surgery.  We owe him many thanks as surgeons for his work on this event.

Thursday Oct 9th  – Dr. Perito attended the Scientific Program Instructional Course 3 Technical Pearls of PP Surgery

Friday Oct 10th Dr. Perito Participated in Podium 8 Discussion on ED Surgical where two papers he co-authored were presented

  • Improved infection outcomes after Mulcahy salvage procedure and replacement of infected IPP with malleable prosthesis (#045)
  • Utilization of pre-operative penile stretch test as a predictor of erection and total implant length (#048)

Dr. Perito Sao Paolo