Dr. Perito visits San Diego to work with Dr. Eugeen Rhee on the VIRTUE male sling – September 15, 2015

Dr. Paul Peritopenile implant

During this surgical workshop Dr. Perito worked with the expert in male slings Dr. Eugeen Rhee from Kaiser in San Diego where they exchanged ideas and performed the sling procedure on complicated male incontinence cases to improve technique and better outcomes for VIRTUE male sling patients.

The Coloplast Virtue male sling is a less invasive treatment designed for all ranges of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in male patients. It combines technologically advanced design, construction, materials and surgical approach. Virtue is the only male sling that utilizes a unique four-arm approach designed to provide confident compression. The four-arm design and strong mesh made of 100% monofilament polypropylene provide bidirectional compression and elevation of the urethra.

During the SMSNA 2014 in Miami Dr. Perito will host a training event for the VIRTUE male sling where doctors from around the world have signed up better educate themselves on this life changing procedure.

Coloplast, Perito Urology, and Eugeen Rhee