Dr. Perito Interviewed on MiraTV by Maria Elvira on his global presence in upcoming Urologic and Sexual Medicine conferences and meetings around the world – July 30, 2014

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During this interview Dr. Perito discussed his involvement with societies in Sexual Medicine who combined discuss modern day procedures and advancements in penile prosthetics and the treatment of men with erectile dysfunction.  Dr. Perito reviewed his involvement in following upcoming global Sexual Medicine and Scientific Events:

Latin American XVII Congress of Sexology and Sexual Education

Dominican Republic– Sept 11-13, 2014

Presenting The Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Penile Prosthesis:  Ourmost recent 1000

ISSM SLAMS Brazil 16th World Meeting on Sexual Medicine

Rio / Sao Paulo, Brazil – Oct 6-11, 2014S

2 day Surgical Workshop in Rio followed by presentations at ISSM on advancements in Penile Prosthetics and “The Perito Implant” TM


Urologic Society of Australia and New Zealand SA/NT Section Meeting

Novotel Borossa Valley, South Australia – Oct 17-19, 2014

Training Day and Presentations at 2 ½ day Scientific Meetings


Sexual Medicine Society of North Americas 20th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting

Miami, Florida – Nov 20-23, 2014

Perito Urology Hosts Surgical Training workshops for the “The Perito Implant” Minimally Invasive Infrapubic Technique, VIRTUE Male Sling, and the Urolift Procedure.  Dr. Perito will also be presenting at the scientific meeting and hosting dinner and evening functions for Doctors from around the world discussing advancements in these procedures and overall men’s Health and Sexual Medicine.

Follow our blog for more details as they occur.