In May 2014 Dr. Perito and Perito Urology hosted doctors from Italy and Brazil

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation

During the month of May Dr. Perito hosted two Italian Physicians from Rome, Italy.  Dr. Guiseppe Gentile and Dr. Gabriele Antonini, who spent 2 days shadowing Dr. Perito as he examined and diagnosed several patients with advanced stage ED offering the Inflatable Penile Implant as a treatment option.  The Italians also attended 2 days of surgical training where Dr. Perito performed his novel minimally invasive technique.

The following week Perito Urology hosted 4 more doctors from Brazil, also here to expand their knowledge of Penile Prosthetics and learn the minimally invasive technique.  Their training involved a presentation at Perito Urology on the Implant procedure and how to present the penile implant as a treatment option to patients.  The following day the group attended a surgical training workshop at Coral Gables Hospital where they observed Dr. Perito and his team perform 8 penile implant procedures.

Dr. Perito and Perito Urology as a Training Facility have become a World-Leader in Educating physicians on Penile Prosthetics, Penile Implant Surgery, Men’s Incontinence, and BPH.