Perito Urology & Coral Gables Hospital welcome (4) Russian Doctors to Train with Dr. Perito on his Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Technique, “The Perito Implant” TM – Coral Gables, FL March 12, 2014

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Coral Gables Hospital is proud to host visiting urologic surgeons from Moscow, as they participated in sharing ideas and learning the latest techniques in advanced urologic surgery.  Training included the highly specialized penile implantation approach of Dr. Paul E. Perito, Chief of Surgery at Coral Gables Hospital where he and the Coral Gables staff routinely conduct 400-500 penile implants on an annual basis.

Four Russian surgeons traveled nearly 10,000 miles to learn heightened elements of Dr. Perito’s techniques, as they closely observed six penile implant procedures.  “We have numerous videos online and can conduct webinar presentations and other online training, however live surgery is still the gold standard for training surgical methodology,” stated Dr. Perito, a fixture at Coral Gables Hospital for over (X years).  Russia represents a growing population of men who inquire about surgical treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.  The surgeons will spend time not only observing and interacting with Dr. Perito, but also the watching and learning from the Coral Gables Hospital staff, to be able to reproduce the Coral Gables success of succinct “Perito penile implant” procedures that often are conducted in less than 15 minutes.

Dr. Katov Sergey commented, “This is an honor for my colleagues and myself to train directly with Dr. Perito and provide this unique procedure at our centers.  Many patients inquire about Dr. Perito’s procedure on the Internet but they cannot travel to the USA, so now we will bring Dr. Perito and Coral Gables to them.”  The two-day session focuses attention on overall elements of Men’s Health

Coral Gables Hospital routinely hosts the two-day training sessions for global urologic specialists.  “Through the past seven years, we’ve worked with over 300 surgeons from around the world with a focus on Prosthetic Urology.  Nowhere else in the world offers this condensed mix didactic and OR interaction.  It’s really beneficial, as we also learn from every attendee,” claims Dr. Perito.  Dr. Perito avails himself to all participants but is especially hopeful to visit Russia and follow-up with the attendees over the next year.