Dr. Perito Proctors a Series of Labs and Surgical Training Cases for “The Perito Implant” ™ at Chesapeake Urology in, Baltimore Maryland

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chesapeake-urologyDuring this surgical training event Dr. Perito shares his novel approach with a group of doctors from Chesapeake Urology focusing on Erectile Dysfunction, Penile Implantation, and learning Dr. Perito’s world renowned Infrapubic Penile Implant Technique “The Perito Implant”™. Some of the benefits of this technique include lower infection rates and quicker recovery times allowing patients to resume normal sexual activity much sooner than other implant techniques. Dr. Perito’s surgical training program has expanded globally allowing him to share his knowledge, skill, and desire to help erectile dysfunction patients with doctors all over the world. – October 9, 2013