Doctors Learn Perito Implant™ Technique

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Dr. Perito Trains Doctors on the Perito Approach

Dr. Paul Perito is the actuator of the minimally invasive penile implant surgery, The Perito Approach. To date, he has performed over 4000 penile implant procedures and has trained physicians across the globe. Dr. Perito offers a one-day training course on this revolutionary technique at Coral Gables Hospital near Miami, Florida. Participants are witness to the minimally invasive penile implant procedure, which utilizes an infrapubic incision of 1.5 cm and offers the patient an expedient recovery time and streamlines the steps the physician must make for surgical completion.

While penile implants have been popular among men with erectile dysfunction for nearly 30 years, Dr. Perito has made the procedure faster and safer, with a shorter recovery time than traditional scrotal incision methods. In this training, Dr. Perito’s focus is to help physicians conserve time and motion during the penile implant procedure, offering less time “on the table” for patients. Additionally, since there are fewer steps, there is a less chance of surgical error and infection.

The day before surgery, participants will arrive in Miami for dinner with Dr. Perito. The following morning physicians meet at Coral Gables Hospital to observe up to 10 cases. With proper paperwork and patient availability, surgeons may have the opportunity to scrub in with Dr. Perito while he performs the penile implants. A recap of the presentation is provided over lunch. Surgeons are encouraged to participate in an open discussion with Dr. Perito about his penile implant surgery technique.

The procedure is generally performed in less than 15 min. and can completely restore a patient’s sexual function. Dr. Perito holds great respect for the sexual medicine pioneers who performed and perfected the first penile surgeries in the 1970s. However, he feels that his method for installing penile implants is superior for its expedient recovery time and strong history of successful outcome.

Dr. Perito’s training program is supported by the Coloplast Corporation, makers of the Titan OTR inflatable penile implant.