Dr. Carrington Mason – Urologist from Dallas, TX

“I have to thank Paul Perito for the opportunity to take his course in Miami. Since I’ve taken Dr. Perito’s course, I have to say that my confidence in providing prosthetic care has increased significantly. The complications that do occur with prosthetic placement in the male population has significantly decreased.

“The ease of getting into Miami and Dr. Perito’s hospitality were beyond compare. The opportunity to actually participate in the surgical procedures allowed me to advance what I thought was already a fairly well-placed surgical skill. His technique certainly has halved my operative time and, in doing such, I believe has decreased any sort of complications that we see. For anybody who has the opportunity to go visit and operate with Dr. Perito I highly recommend it. He is truly talented in what he does.”

Dr. Andrew C. Kramer – Baltimore, MD

Peter Stahl, MD Dr. Andrew Kramer is Assistant Professor of Surgery/Urology and the Director of Reproductive/Sexual Medicine at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Kramer traveled to Miami to train with Dr. Perito, and in this interview he shares what has made Dr. Perito’s Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Technique so successful.   Watch the Video

Excerpted from the Interview:

“I can tell you from observing. Why is [Dr. Perito] so good and so fast? Why is he a training center? Is he moving quickly?

“No. He moves slowly. He doesn’t make any fast movements. He doesn’t work at a frenetic pace. He’s slow and relaxed. But surgeons know this is what makes speed: very little motion, very repetitive motion, very little dissection.

“I think the most important thing that I learned from Dr. Perito is be methodical. So now when I put my holding stitch, when my assistant and I put the corpora stitch in, color-code it, and then we go to the other side and put our stitch in, the same exact time. When we finish it’s always the same amount of minutes. We always work in the same order. I’ll never change anything about it. The methodical, repetitive, every-time-the-same implant. That is a good surgery. Surgery is methodical and smooth and conservation of motion. The epitome of that is the Perito implant.

“The other stuff you can get lost in. The minimally invasive part is important. The infrapubic is important. I think he would be just as good with any approach because he would be methodical. That’s what I took from it.

Dr. Peter Stahl – New York, NY

Peter Stahl, MD “Dr. Paul Perito’s surgical training course in the infrapubic, minimally-invasive approach to penile prosthesis implantation was one of the most valuable surgical training experiences I have experienced to date. I recommend his program highly to any surgeon who is serious about prosthetic penile surgery.”

Dr. Raj Patel – Chicago, IL

Dr. Brian Dicks – San Diego, CA

Urology Doctor Testimonial:  Dr. Sung-Hun, Park (Korea)

Re:  My Experience with the Paul Perito, M.D. Urology Men’s Health Clinic

“Visiting Miami and training from Dr. Perito was a turning point in my male prosthetic surgery knowledge and understanding.  In my point of view, he accomplished every necessity that penile prosthesis surgery requires by ingenious techniques which he horned with care toward his patients and scientific research.  His passion to help his patients was none to compare and inspired me to think of my patients as my family once again.  Dr. Perito’s minimally invasive infrapubic technique and himself are truly a valuable asset we have against male impotence.

Again I deeply appreciate his hospitality and passion to help other prosthetic urologist.”