Read the penile implant instructions below to learn how to inflate and deflate your Titan®OTR inflatable implant.


To Simulate an Erection

To transfer the fluid to the cylinders, locate the pump in the scrotum. Squeeze the pump firmly a few times between the thumb and fingers until an erection is achieved.

To Return to a Flaccid State

Fluid pressure in the cylinders is released when the patient depresses the deflate valve buttons toenable fluid to return to the reservoir, thus returning the penis to the flaccid state.

To Achieve a Flaccid State More Quickly

Squeeze the penis gently with the other hand after depressing the deflate valve buttons. If any problems are encountered during the use of this device, or any pain or discomfort are experienced, please contact your doctor immediately.

Inflation/Deflation Demonstration Video

Click here to view video