Dr. Perito Attends Coloplast 2023 Mens’ Health Masterclass

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation, erectile dysfunction, penile implant, Peyronie's Disease


Dr. Paul Perito attended the 2023 Mens’ Health Masterclass in London, UK. The event, held by Coloplast, featured experts in the field of urologic surgery who taught seminars on topics such as Peyronie’s Disease, floppy glans syndrome, and penile implant surgery.

Dr. Perito both presented at the event, giving a talk called “Midline reservoir, obturator fenestration technique and ‘scratch’ technique, and attending seminars from some of the world’s foremost experts in their fields.

The Masterclass hosted by Professor David Ralph offers the ‘experienced’ implanter a chance to be both humbled and informed.  The day you think you have it all regarding penile implantation is the day you should retire.  The nuanced procedure and the patients who receive it benefit across the globe from this meeting.  Thank all involved for their hard work,” said Dr. Perito of the experience.