Perito Urology Hosts First International Trainings of 2020

Dr. Paul Peritoeducation

Perito Urology

The first few training of 2020 have attracted some great talent from across the globe. This week, Perito Urology was lucky to host not 1 but 2 groups of doctors from the United Kingdom. The first group were Drs. Ian Pearce, Vaibhav Modgll, and Josip Vukina. We had a great training with many interesting and complicated cases. These physicians come from a great pedigree of British Urologists, like Dr. David Ralph. The second group were Drs. Arie Parnam and Marc Lucky. We would like to thank their reps. Ian Cunningham and Sug Thava for accompanying them over the last couple weeks.  We love hosting international trainees at Perito Urology, and can’t wait to collaborate with you all again soon!


The Perito Urology Team