Drs. Perito, Antonini, and Gentile announce their outpatient ‘Penile Girth Enhancement’ Technique

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Drs. Paul Perito and Gabriele Antonini formally unveiled their research on enhancing penile girth at the Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. The procedure, which utilizes hyaluronic acid to increase penile circumference from 4-8 centimeters, has been tested on 1500 patients between 28 and 55 years of age over the last few years.

Although demand for girth enhancement has increased in recent years, the procedure has been the subject of some medical controversy over its safety, demand has increased in recent years, leading to potentially injurious treatments utilizing silicon or fat injections, neither of which naturally occur within penile tissue.

“What we have developed is an outpatient procedure, lasting approximately 15 minutes, with no side effects,” said Dr. Antonini, continuing on to say “…“[t]here is no allergic reaction with our process because hyaluronic acid is already physiologically present in the dermis; the penis appears perfectly natural, soft with an even distribution of hyaluronic acid without blemishes or deformity.” (Comments translated from Italian.)

Patients from the study have shown to maintain stability in their increased girth for up to 24 months, leading to satisfactory results for over 84% of the patients in their study.

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